DC Motor Control : MCS-51

Posted: Juli 3, 2011 in MikroController
   DC Motor Control In this project design from Microcontroller MCS-51 family AT9C1051 for control . AT24C01A is Memory EEPROM use system bus I2C
     Feature :
Can control DC Motor for 5Volt to 100 Volt
Speed Display by 7Segment 2 digit
 Save last Data of Speed setup by EEPROM
 Can Speed Adjust from 0-50Step
 Direction Select Mode
     Hardware :
      The Completed circuit show in figure 1 . Output signal from P3.5 for drive motor type of PWM ,P3.2 connect with Relay for change Direction of motor . AT24C01A is IC EEPROM for save Data of speed . In section display use 7 Segmen for speed display.
Figure 1. Schematics of DC Motor Control : MCS-51

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